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I was so busy enjoying and reblogging everyone else’s birthday posts that I realized I never posted one of my own. :( Better late than never I guess.

The first time I met Victor was in a theater in 1997. The movie was Titanic. While other girls my age were fangirling over the cute Leo DiCaprio, I gravitated to the handsome gentleman portraying the ship’s architect and my favorite person in Titanic’s story, Thomas Andrews. I was completely mesmerized by every aspect of this man’s performance. By the end of the movie I knew I had to find out all I could about this wonderful actor who the credits had introduced him to me as Victor Garber.

Since then I’ve grown to love him even more than I did that first time we met 15 years ago. I’ve come to know him not only as an amazingly gifted actor, but as a devoted humanitarian. My friends always teased me about liking an actor who was old enough to be my grandfather. They still do today. But like I tell them I’d rather be completely infatuated with an actor who is caring and compassionate like Victor than someone who is “stuck on themselves” so to speak.

So here is my birthday wish for this amazing man…

Happy Belated Birthday Victor! It has been a real priveledge getting to know your vast body of work this past decade and a half. I hope that one day I will have the opportunity to meet you in person. I just want to have the chance to say thank you not only for giving us so many memorable characters, but also for the many friendships I have formed through the sharing of your talents on today’s social media networks. May you have continued success now and always. There’s no one out there more deserving of it than you!!!

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